Joshua John “JDub” – A Day to Remember Forever

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, an entire community and one amazing superhero came out to love, celebrate, and pray for four-year old Joshua John (aka J Dub), a sweet boy with 4th stage liver and lung cancer.  It was a day filled with special memories one can never forget. 

Apart from the helicopter ride, trains, fire trucks, face-painting, and blow-ups, I remember “J Dub” clinging to his father with such love for most of the day.  I remember him seeing his “best friend,” John Staton, and trying to sprint to John even though J Dub walks with tremendous difficulty.  I remember a mother who showed more graciousness and strength than I could ever expect, given such circumstances.  I remember the smiles the first time J Dub met Iron Man, a role played by Damon Cole, who drove from Dallas in a souped up Dodge Charger to fulfill a little boy’s dream.  I remember hundreds of people gathering to give their support and a pastor kneeling on the street to ask God for His divine touch and peace.  And I remember J Dub, lifting a sweet, small voice to sing “I’ll Fly Away” and “Itty Bitty” with a gathering of his friends and family. 

It was a day filled with solemn joy, and a reminder of our fundamental goodness. 


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Lastly, if you want to support an amazing cause, please consider giving to Damon Cole, a police officer from Dallas who travels the country to visit children in need, using his own resources and vacation time.  A “Fund Me” page was created for him at

Rutledge, Tennessee

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Prayers for Joshua John

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Four-year old Joshua John deserves to have everything he could ever want, and the community of Rutledge is trying to fulfill those wishes, one at a time.  Last month he met Alan Jackson.  On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, he met Iron Man!  It was a day of sweet celebration as hundreds of people in the community gathered to celebrate the heart and strength of sweet “J Dub,” who is currently fighting stage 4 lung and liver cancer.  This amazing day began with a helicopter ride, and included everything from trains, fire trucks, face-painting, blow-ups, music, a worship service, and TV crews, to hundreds of people taking hands to pray for Joshua John and his family.  It met its highlight with an unforgettable visit from “Iron Man” Damon Cole, a Senior Corporal in the Dallas Police Department, who uses his personal resources and vacation time to visit children with cancer across the country.  This was the kind of day that can lift anyone’s spirit, and showed the true goodness of a community who loves its people. 

A proofsite featuring over 1000 photos from this special day can be accessed here.  Please feel free to download these photos for free.

A facebook page has been created for little Joshua John.  Please Like this page and help and support this family in any way you can.

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